In our packing lists you find the equipment recommended by us. In general you need breathable clothing for spot and stalk hunting. Camouflage clothing helps a lot in the open landscape of Greenland.

If you do not own warm winter clothing, there is a possibility to rent seal skin clothing and warm boots in Kangerlussuaq. Please inform us before your hunt if you would like to make use of this offer.

The choice of weapon is one of the most frequently asked questions. For hunting musk ox in Greenland we recommend rifles with calibers of 30-06 or higher with hard deformation bullets. Your shot will rarely be over 150 yards, therefore also slower calibers with heavy bullets can be used. When hunting caribou, shots are often over 200 yards and faster calibers like .300 Win. Mag. or 7mm Rem. Mag. are the prime choice. We always recommend that our clients test their rifles on long distances at home already and get familiar with the bullet drop at different distances.

If you do not wish to bring your own weapon to Greenland we have different rifles available for you to use. We are happy for you to use our Mauser M03, caliber 7×64 or one of our two Steyr-Mannlicher Classic, caliber 9,3×62 and .300 Win. Mag.

Packing List Summer- Fall Hunting Greenland

Packing List Winter Hunting Greenland

Bringing the right equipment can make or break your hunting adventure in Greenland. We will always be in close contact with you while planning and preparing your hunt.