Bow Hunting

Bow hunting in Greenland is allowed since 2012 and due to the high numbers of trophy animals it is very successful. The enormous size of four million hectares of hunting grounds and a very low hunting pressure ensure close approaches to the game.

The past has shown that 100% of our bow hunters have successfully harvested a musk ox. Bow hunting for caribou is very demanding and should only be recommended to very experienced hunters with a very high physical fitness. During a bow hunt for caribou hunters need to be able to move in mountainous terrain and able to make a deadly shot shortly after. If you are however up to accept this challenge there is hardly a better hunt than trying to get within range of a caribou in the open mountains of Greenland.

Whether we hunt with the rifle or with the bow, we hunt mature animals only. Although bow hunting is more demanding than rifle hunting we make sure to bring our clients into a good shooting position and will never settle for small or young trophies.

Please use bows with a drawing weight of 60 lbs or more to ensure an ethical hunt for the very tough musk ox. Arrows with a minimum weight of 535 grain and broadheads with a double blade non mechanical arrow head have proven to be the best because of their deep penetration. Please chose non mechanical broad heads for Musk Ox because of their long hair.
For a bow hunt for caribou we recommend drawing weights of 45 lbs or more.

For safety reasons the guides always carry a rifle on any bow hunt.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you should ahve any question regarding Bow Hunting or the selection of the right eqipment.

Bow hunting is one of the purest forms of hunting. Our relatively low hunting pressure and large areas allow us to stalk close enough to the animals for using a bow. Become a part of nature while bow hunting in Greenland!