Next to hunting there are many possibilities to prolong your stay in Greenland. During the winter there is the possibility for dog sled tours.

We recommend every client to partake in a dog sled tour before or after the hunt. Dog sleds are the most traditional means of transport in Greenland. The breathtaking landscape of Greenland makes such a trip an unforgettable experience for anyone.

The fjord just outside of Kangerlussuaq offers great fishing possibilities for cod and during the summer season also for arctic char.

For all fishing enthusiasts July is the month to come to Greenland. The arctic char run up the rivers to spawn and offers some of the most amazing fresh water fishing there is. It is not uncommon to have several hundred fish in one pool. The beautifully colored arctic char are world-renowned and a once in a life time experience for any fisherman.

The vast amounts of fish in the arctic waters promise exciting fishing adventures all year around. During the winter season an ice-fishing trip on the fjord is included in the hunting price. The huge population of cod promises an amazing time fishing in the rich waters of Greenland.

As the cod are just before spawning time during the winter season the roe is a delicacy when prepared back in the hunting camp.

During the summer cod, halibut, wolffish and many more hard fighting species can be pursued. Starting from the small fishing town of Sisimiut the chances of big fish are the best. If you are interested in a fishing trip during the summer or fall season please contact us at any time. We will send you an offer for an unforgettable fishing adventure prior to or after your hunt.

In July Greenland offers some of the worlds most exciting fishing opportunities. During the run of the arctic char the rivers are full of fish. Those very hard fighting fish are becoming more and more popular with fishermen over the world and especially fly-fishing for these beautifully colored fish is very sought after in Greenland. The vast experience of our guides helps to locate the fish throughout the season and changing weather conditions. The numbers of arctic char in Greenland are rising year after year and promise an exciting fishing adventure in combination with your hunt.

A dog sled tour in Greenland is one of the most traditional winter activities the country has to offer. Together with your guide Marius Olsen you will spend 3 days travelling on the route between Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq. You will be able to observe the different types of scenery Greenland has to offer from the coastal region of Sisimiut to the mountain ranges close to Kangerlussuaq. You will sleep in cabins equipped with beds, heating and a kitchen. The guide will provide you with seal skin clothing and warm boots so you don’t freeze during your trip. Marius Olsen is one of the most experienced dog sled guides in Greenland. Together with his dogs he has already crossed the inland ice from the east to the west coast of Greenland twice.

For this trip you require a single flight from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut.

If the snow situation allows, local dog handlers will take you for a day trip with the dog sled around the camp. If there is very little snow we are happy to organize dog sled tours over the frozen fjord.

Sisimiut is an inviting town with picturesque colored houses. It is located on the west coast of Greenland and offers boat tours to the icebergs and with a little bit of luck you can observe whales and seals. In the mountains close to the city there are great hiking opportunities and the vicinity to the ocean promises breathtaking views. To get to Sisimiut you require a short flight from Kangerlussuaq or you combine your trip with a dog sled trip in the winter season.

Ilulissat is one of the most famous cities in Greenland. It is located at the mouth of the 60 km long ice fjord which was declared a UNESCO-World heritage site in 2004. The close ice and the beautiful Disco-bay make it one of the most visited towns of Greenland. The Disco-bay is one of Greenland’s largest bays and its deep blue color and many icebergs offer a breathtaking experience all year around. Boat trips to the ice are definitely recommended but also fishing tours in the rich waters can be organized. Sometimes you can already observe seals and whales from your hotel window.

Staying in Greenland is not only all about fieldsports. For families and non-hunting guests there is a lot to see in our beautiful nature and in the larger cities which are close-by. Fishing, dog-sled tours, polar lights and city trips to Sisimiut or Ilulissat are some of the activities we offer.